“History Now? Diversity, Race, and Schooling”

“History Now? Diversity, Race, and Schooling”

Dr. William Lloyd Fridley, speaking

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America’s public schools, and in some cases colleges, are being subject to a host of measures regulating and restricting what is taught.  At least 36 states have adopted or introduced laws or policies that restrict teaching about race and racism.  Bills targeting divisive concepts (“ideas about race and sex that challenge the dominant narrative of America’s founding and history”) have been introduced in seven states and enacted in three. School boards across the country have taken steps to “investigate” and remove curricular materials and content, to prohibit training about diversity, and to ban books from school libraries.  We’ll examine select examples of these phenomena through historical, philosophical, and pedagogical lenses to address the question:  Does history have a future in our schools?


William Lloyd Fridley will be retiring after 23 years as Professor of Education at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  Fridley is a philosopher of education, and a faculty advocate and activist working to promote shared governance in his work with the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and as archivist for the SOSU Faculty Senate.  He and his wife Carolyn will be moving their tent to Atlantic Beach, Florida.

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