In The Spirit of Woody Guthrie with “Toulouse T’ Care”

Toulouse T’ Care, the singing duo of Fenton Rood and Mark Christian,  brings us a morning filled with songs  Woody Guthrie Wood wrote,  along with a couple of songs about the man.   Guthrie was a lot of things.  He was an activist during the depression and all the way through World War II. As Unitarian Universalists we can learn a lot from the way  Guthrie took on the issues of his day, holding compassion for the people while making business and governments accountable.  1853 Theodore Parker wrote that the moral arc of the universe bends toward justice.  Our job is to find that moral arc and bend it towards justice.

Mark Christian is the retired minister of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Oklahoma City.  Fenton Rood is the Director, Waste Systems Planning at Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.  They’ve been singing protest songs as a hobby for awhile and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with most anyone who will listen.  They’ve found an audience in several UU churches, all of whom enjoyed their program on Woody Guthrie.  And the name?  Singing at the OKC farmer’s market someone asked if it didn’t bother them that people were just wandering around, not paying loads of attention to their singing, Mark’s reply was, “Ah, we’re too loose to care.”


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