Labors of Love – The All-Church Work Sunday (really!)

A different way to be together.  We do this every three or four years!  The All Church Work Sunday: No Adult Forum,  No Morning Assembly, No Conversations & Calories (but snacks for those who stay)

Labor Day week-end seems, to the worship team, the perfect time for us to shift gears and give a gift to our building and grounds.  Starting at 10, while it will still be cooler, come and roll up your sleeves, look over the list of things that need doing, make a choice and go to work.  There are windows to wash, oak paneling to polish, chairs to be spot cleaned, the basement to be attacked.  The contents of the F. Church Library and the Susan Anthony room need to be swapped (The Anthony room will become the church nursery).  Books to move, cribs too.  Closets to organize, carpets to vacuum.  You get the idea.  Spring Cleaning in August!  Something for everyone.   Do come. Work parties are fun and a fine way to meet people.  We conclude with some lunch!

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