Living Our Faith Out Loud

Living Our Faith Out Loud

The Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray, preaching (video message)

In the midst of these defining and tumultuous times, when so much is on the line, we must ask “How can we live the values of compassion, justice, democracy and interdependence in bold, courageous ways that have the power to make a measurable difference today and for the future?”

On Martin Luther King Sunday, Dr. Frederick-Gray, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association preached in Dallas.   We will view her remarks on Sunday.

Susan is a life-long Unitarian Universalist with roots at Eliot Chapel in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to being elected UUA president, she was the lead minister at the UU church in Phoenix.  She previously served our congregation in Youngstown, OH.  Prior to ministry, Susan worked briefly in the field of genetic sequencing following her Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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