“Peace Sunday #10 – More Leaders Caring for the Planet”

Peace Sunday #10 – More Leaders Caring for the Planet

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Why worry about the planet?  It certainly seems a relevant topic to me right now with all of the extreme weather experiences, loss of pollinators and other natural struggles.  Our last two peace leaders from the book “Great Peacemakers: True Stories from Around the World” by Ken Beller and Heather Chase are Nader Khalili, an advocate for “Sustainable Community”, and Wangari Maathai, who through planting seeds sees it as “Planting Seeds of Peace”.

About Sunday’s Worship Leader:

Marla Loturco is a lay leader of our congregation who first visited us in April 2008.  Although she hadn’t set foot inside a church for forty years, she surprised herself by realizing this was a faith community that spoke to her heart.  Marla has not taken her membership lightly as she has served on the bylaw revision committee, is the church (and the Texoma Earth Day Festival) webmaster, the church database guru, and our representative to North Texas UU Congregations (NTUUC). She joins in church social events and has been elected to the Committee on Ministry and President of the Board of Trustees.  She is the recipient of NTUUC Marty Robinson Award for volunteerism as well as Red River Unitarian Universalists’ Bruce Cameron Distinguished Service Award. She currently is part of the AV team and a longtime member of the Worship Team where she creates meaningful and insightful worship experiences.

Beyond the church Marla is a Certified Laughter Leader, a Database Consultant, Quilter, creator of stained-glass art and devoted dulcimer player. 

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