“Polish The Silver”

A Very Special Morning for RedRiverUU

Polish The Silver
The Worship Team, leading

You can download the morning program here (or read it below without having to download it)

Join the Worship Team as we put a final shine on the Silver Anniversary of the founding of our liberal religious congregation.  We held our very first meeting on March 26, 1997, and it is a beautiful symmetry to celebrate our founding on another March 26th. In the past year, we have seen various “glimmers of silver” in our Sunday Morning Assemblies, and now on the final Sunday of this 25th anniversary year, we will put our silvery history on full display as we reflect upon our past and anticipate a golden future.

Followed by the Appreciation Dinner,
postponed from last month.  You are warmly
invited to share this special day with us.

TMP - Mar 26 - v.2