Salaam Supper: The Refugee Journey

There are more displaced people worldwide today than ever before, with the most current number at 70.8 million people. Simultaneously, the number of refugees permitted into the United States is a record low, leaving millions of individuals in life-threatening situations, unable to return to their homes and seeking safety. You have the ability to help.

Understand how someone becomes a refugee, where people are fleeing from, and how they journey to the U.S. Join us for a Salaam Supper to learn how you can help refugees in your community, across Texas and be a voice for refugees around the world.

Emily Tetsch is the Advancement Specialist at Refugee Services of Texas. She received her B.A. in International Studies & Humanitarian Development at the University of North Texas where she studied migration and displaced populations. Emily began working in refugee resettlement over 2 years ago. 

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