Teams (video message)


The morning worship from
The First Parish in Bedford, MA
The Rev. John Gibbons, speaking

We go to movies to become engrossed with what we see, hear and feel. We know it is a film and yet we feel the emotions. We laugh or cry, are happy or sad. We leave often deeply touched by the experience.

The result is no less real than sitting in a theater watching the actors in front of us.

Most of us rarely, if ever, have worshiped at other UU churches. We don’t know how other UUs “do” Sunday morning.  On Sunday we’re going to try an experiment – by bringing a complete worship experience to our chapel, thanks to the miracle (well, so common now we hardly remember what a miracle it is) of video.

We will experience how a New England UU congregation – one that has been meeting every Sunday for 289 years – does worship! Will the experience be on par with going to a movie?  Come find out how another UU congregation worships.

The sermon has a timely message for us as well!

The preacher is terrific (he’s been with the congregation 29 years!)

Image: Church Steeple. The historic steeple clock is wound by hand weekly. The steeple bell is run each Sunday and at midnight New Years Eve.



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