“The Erosion of Forbearance and Mutual Toleration”

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We live in perilous times. Between now and November We, The People, will become even more fractures and distrustful of one another.  Two leading scholars of democracy, Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt explain our democracy is in danger by the weakening of the judiciary, the press and long-standing political norms that are leading us down the road to authoritarianism.

The Rev. Doug Strong, a sixth generation Unitarian and Universalist was raised in Madison WI, the youngest of 5 siblings.  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a dual majors in Spanish and Clinical Psychology, Doug spent the next ten years working for the American National Red Cross, as a Field Director serving on military installations in IL, OH, NY, MO, and VA along with foreign posts in Viet Nam, Korea and Spain.  He left Red Cross in 1976 and started graduate studies in theology at Starr King School in Berkeley, CA, receiving his Masters of Divinity degree in 1979.  The next 40 years Doug ministered to UU congregations in ME, VA, MA, CA, AZ, WI, and TX, both as a settled parish minister and an Accredited Interim Minister.  He served the UUA as an elected member of the General Assembly Planning Committee for 16 years.  After the death of his husband in 2011, Doug moved to Texoma and is a lay-member of Red River Unitarian Universalists, the congregation he co-founded in 1997.  

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