“What’s Your Story”

What’s Your Story?
Elena Westbrook, leading

You can download the morning program here (or read the program below without having to download it.)

As soon as we can talk, humans ask for stories. Stories are how we make sense of our world. But have you ever thought about the story you tell yourself about yourself? In this service, we’ll look at how the stories we tell shape our experience, and how changing them can perhaps reshape our future.

About our guest speaker:

Elena Westbrook has been member of Community UU Church in Plano for more than 25 years and member of their worship team for more than half that time. Raised liberal Christian, she has developed personal theology that draws on Buddhist, neo-pagan and Quaker traditions as well as Unitarian Universalism. She and her husband Paul live in passive & active solar house in Fairview and try to do their best for the climate and democracy.

The UUA Worship Web has published several submissions written by Elena.   You can read them here.



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