You Took My Childhood Away: Child Abuse and the Grayson County Epidemic

Child abuse comes in different forms: neglect; physical/emotional/sexual abuse; childhood experiences; shaken  baby syndrome; domestic violence; trafficking & exploitation.  On Sunday, our speaker will explain the depth of the epidemic that is currently effecting Grayson county, but it is no different in Bryan County.  What our children are facing and how we can be part of the solution will help us better understand one of the most shameful experiences any child can have.

Originally from Abilene, Texas; Crystal attended Abilene Christian University followed by Texas Tech University School of Law. She practiced law in both Kentucky and Texas before moving to Sherman in 2013.  Crystal joined the CASA Board of Directors in the spring of 2014, before becoming staff in 2017. Married to her husband Stephen for 11 years they were blessed to add a son James to their family in June of 2016.

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