A Ritual for the New Year


The Worship Team
Marla Loturco, leading

Sneak Peek:  https://youtu.be/bZlpRkOJDuI

A Ritual for the New Year – For five thousand years, or more, more than fifteen thousand generations of human beings have been invoking spiritual power. We will be touching that spiritual power by letting go, metaphoric cleansing, setting of intentions and, celebrating new beginnings, It is a service of words, music and ritual. At each stop around the circle of flame, water, oil, and light each one of you becomes your own healer, priest/priestess, minister, and teacher. It is your circle of release, cleansing, intention, and hope to walk. Please join us at Red River UU on January 3, 2021 where we will begin the New Year with a ritual of celebration.

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