The Still Point of the Turning World

Why meditate? In our driven, achievement-focused world, what are the benefits of learning to create stillness inside yourself? Elena Westbrook will introduce a few different approaches, including breathing techniques and Tonglen meditation, that can be a powerful part of your spiritual practice.

Elena Westbrook returns to our pulpit this morning.  Elena is an active member (the past president) of Community Unitarian Universalist Church in Plano where she chairs their worship team, often participates in the morning worship as an accomplished pianist, and speaker.  She has contributed invocations, chalice lighting. Elena is deeply concerned about climate change.  In 1996 she and her husband Paul built a a passive solar home in Fairview.  It has been a model of energy and resource efficiency. The house design was awarded the 1996 NAHB Energy Value Housing Award for Innovative

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