We Are All Santas

It is literally impossible to avoid Christmas in our culture, so the Worship Team decided to embrace it ~ heavenly flavored with doses of Unitarian Universalism.  Come join in a Red River UU Christmas; singing some carols, hearing some familiar (and not so familiar) readings and stories, and touching on an assortment of meanings woven into Christmas by various religious and secular influences.

2 Responses to “We Are All Santas

  1. This opening sentence is a good example of why Christians in our Church feel so marginalized and not feeling the “total acceptance of all” that RRUU talks about. I feel obligated to point this out because some members thought it to be impossible that the Christians could even have an impression of non-acceptance in our Church. Btw RRUU could “avoid” the whole Santa thing which is totally unrelated to Christmas in our culture. Hence the “Jesus is the reason for the season” reminder. Please be mindful of Christians in our Assembly when “touching on an assortment of meanings woven into Christmas by various religious and secular influences.” Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. Ignorance is never an adequate answer when one offends someone. I love Christmas, although perhaps not the same Christmas you love. I never thought my opening sentence would cause marginalizing anyone, Christian or other. Maybe the blame lies in my failing to realizing that our religious beliefs are from divergent histories which at times might clash. I wish I could say I should have known better, but truth be told it did not occur to me. Your post was a gift and an education.
    Know that there are folks at church who shun Christmas at all costs. While writing with them in mind, I failed to grasp that saying so could be an affront. My hope was to encourage those who eschew Christmas to come and try listening to lessons and carols about this wondrous weaving of traditions, customs, rituals and celebrations our culture calls Christmas and maybe leave with a slightly modified attitude.
    For me, Jesus is a reason for the season but there are too many warm memories of family and church traditions for Jesus to be the reason for Christmas. I love the third century Christian bishop, Saint Nicolas who spent his life helping the needy. He entered today’s Christmas by way of an Episcopal author and a Universalist political cartoonist. I love decorated trees that came to America thanks to a Unitarian minister. What would Christmas be like without the the sacred music, red and green paper, ginger bread houses and fruit cake? Being raised a UU, the interweaving of all those traditions is Christmas to me.
    Perhaps it would be better. Removing all the trappings and celebrating ‘Jesus the reason’ might be a curious religious challenge for me. It would be difficult, but all growth never comes easily. Certainly worth pondering.
    Whenever we humans talk about beliefs, our and theirs, we are on shaky ground. I caused a rumble in ground you hold dear and for that I am sorry.

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